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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive, inclusive camp community that values each child's uniqueness, celebrates our differences, and respects nature and the planet.

Our Vision

We envision a camp where everyone can thrive and be who they are, learn from others, create lifelong friendships, enjoy outdoor adventures and learn to take care of our communities and the planet.

Camp Safety

Our number one priority will always be the physical and emotional safety of our campers and staff.

Our Values​​

  • Equity

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Community

  • Empathy

  • Nature

  • Environment

  • Critical thinking

  • Experiential learning

  • FUN


What makes Camp Under the Stars unique?


Under the Stars Inc. was started in 2017 by a group of summer camp professionals, including our Executive Directors.  With more than 100 years of camp experience combined, we began with one vision: creating a summer camp where all children can thrive.  From there, we created our vision, mission, and values and started Camp Under the Stars.

We are a small camp by design.


Having experience with camps of various sizes, we knew that the best way to follow our camp mission would be to create a camp that is small by design.  As micro-schools are popping up across the US, we are leading the way as a micro-camp.


Designed to be small, we are a camp where:

  • All the camp staff know all the campers by name.

  • We know all of our campers and their families well enough to provide individualized support when needed.

  • There is plenty of time for activities that promote positive mental health, like yoga, mindfulness, and book time.

  • Flexibility is built into everything we do.

  • Adapting to new COVID regulations and precautions is done easily and with attention to detail.

We are intentional about our camp program.

Our camp program and each camp activity are developed intentionally.

Our camp schedule is designed to meet the needs of our campers, including:

  • Nutritious meals and snacks with food alternatives always available.

  • Plenty of time to hike from one activity to the next.

  • Downtime, including yoga, mindfulness, and book time.

  • Additional camp staff available to offer support when needed.

  • Fun days, calm evenings, and enough time for a full night of sleep.

Our camp program is a great fit for younger campers.  We provide supports when needed, including:

  • Helping campers organize their clothes and laundry.

  • Ensuring campers are putting on clean clothes daily.

  • Helping campers brush or braid their hair.

  • Toothbrush parties to ensure everyone is brushing.

  • Sunscreen breaks through the day to ensure everyone is covered.

  • Water breaks often to ensure everyone is hydrated.

  • Individual support for bedwetting and accidents.

  • Closely monitoring each camper's wellbeing throughout the day and providing support as needed.


Our camp program is a great fit for apprehensive parents.

  • Some of our camp staff are parents - we understand the apprehension!

  • Our camp program is designed to provide parents with the updates they need to have a relaxing week at home.

  • Our camp staff are happy to speak to parents on the phone while their child is at camp.

  • We will give you an honest update on how your camper is doing at camp and what supports we are providing.

  • We will take copious photos and videos to share with parents throughout the week.

We have highly qualified camp staff.


Camp Under the Stars staff are adults from the DC metro area and all over the world.  Camp staff go through a rigorous application process, extensive training, and background checks.


Most camp staff have years of experience working with children in a camp setting.  Some are teachers, including special education, ESOL, and gifted education teachers.  Some are former camp directors.


We provide ongoing staff training throughout the year.  Additionally, all of our camp staff are certified in first aid and CPR, at minimum.

Our health cabin is staffed by a Nurse.

At Camp Under the Stars, our health cabin is staffed by a Nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner.  Our camp nurses have years of experience working in health cabins at overnight camps.

Learn more about our overnight camp program on our FAQ page.

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