COVID-19 Summer 2021


At Camp Under the Stars, safety has always been our first priority.  We are taking COVID-19 and the safety of our campers and staff very seriously.


As a small, volunteer-run camp, we have the flexibility to make the necessary changes to keep campers and staff safe.  Our small group sizes and increased staff to camper ratio along with many acres of outdoor space allow us to easily adapt to the most current guidelines from the organizations below.


COVID Guidance


Camp Under the Stars is following COVID guidance from the following organizations.

American Camp Association (ACA)
Camp Under the stars is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA).  ACA has created a COVID-19 field guide for camps that provides guidance on implementing specific recommendations from the CDC.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC has created a tool kit for summer camps that outlines precautions to be implemented at camp.


National Parks Service (NPS)
Camp Under the Stars is located in the National Park.  We will follow all NPS COVID guidelines.


The US Federal Government
Because Camp Under the Stars is located in the National Park, we will follow all federal COVID guidelines.


State of Virginia
We will follow all state COVID guidelines.

Changes we are making due to COVID

  • We are renting a larger camp with more outdoor (and indoor) space.

  • We are renting a camp with open-air buildings with lots of windows.  (No HVAC.)

  • We have decreased camper capacity and increased staff to camper ratio.

  • We will be moving nearly every camp activity outside.  (Most camp activities are already outside.)

  • We are staying informed by attending regular ACA COVID (virtual) meetings.

  • We are actively working to get all of our camp staff vaccinated before camp.

Before camp COVID requirements for all campers


COVID requirements before camp

1. All campers will track symptoms for 7 days before camp.

The completed COVID Pre-Screening Form will be turned in at camp arrival.  If a camper exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 they must provide a negative COVID test taken within 7 days of camp.


2. All campers will choose option A, B or C below as required by the state of Virginia.​​

A) Provide a negative COVID test taken within 7 days of camp.

B) Isolate at home and track symptoms for 14 days before camp.

C) Provide COVID vaccination record and be fully vaccinated before arriving at camp.

Some of the COVID precautions at camp

  • Campers will wear masks any time they are around people other than their camp unit mates.

  • Masks will be removed for eating, sleeping, showering, and some water activities done with camp unit mates.

  • Each sleeping cabin will have a maximum of 6 campers and each camp unit will have a maximum of 12 campers.

  • Campers will follow social distancing with people outside of their camp unit.

  • Camp staff living in camper living units will be vaccinated.  (We are working to get all of our camp staff vaccinated.)

Please contact us with any questions about our COVID precautions or for more information.

What will camp look like with COVID precautions?


In some ways, camp will be different this summer.  Cabin groups will be smaller.  Meals will be eaten outside.  Singing will be limited.  We will sit further from one another around the campfire.  And behind the scenes, there will be a lot of disinfecting.

In many ways, camp will remain the same.  Campers will be outside all day, just like always.  Campers and staff will go for hikes in small groups.  Shirts will be tie-dyed outside and hung to dry on a clothesline between trees, just like always.  Campers will play and splash in the creek and some may even get muddy.