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Welcome to Camp Under the Stars

Camp food is nutritious, delicious, and kid-friendly.  Alternatives are available if campers don’t like the meal served.  Campers and staff eat family style with serving dishes on each table.  Nutritious snacks are served in the morning and afternoon.  And of course, we have fun campfire desserts like s’mores!

We are happy to provide alternatives for food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Alternatives for food allergies are prepared in a separate area of the camp kitchen.  Please contact us to discuss your camper's food allergies and/or dietary restrictions before registering for camp.

Camp Meals

Campers spend time at the lake almost every day!  All campers and staff members wear PFDs (life jackets) at the lake.  Lake activities include kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, and games.  Campers are supervised by waterfront staff and lifeguards at all times.

The Lake

Campers learn campfire safety and how to safely start a campfire.  They use their campfire skills at cookouts, when they cook their own meal over a campfire.  Campers love to make fun campfire desserts, like s'mores and banana boats!

Campfires & Cookouts

There are so many great books to choose from in the Camp Library.  Campers enjoying reading, looking at picture books, and being read to.  There are many relaxing places to read a good book at camp!

Book Time