Our Vision

We envision a camp where everyone can thrive and be who they are, learn from others, create lifelong friendships, enjoy outdoor adventures and learn to take care of our communities and the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive, inclusive camp community that values each child's uniqueness, celebrates our differences, and respects nature and the planet.

Our Values

  • Equality

  • Inclusion

  • Diversity

  • Community

  • Empathy

  • Nature

  • Environmentally conscious

  • Critical thinking

  • Experiential learning

  • FUN

Camp Safety

Our number one priority will always be the physical and emotional safety of our campers, staff and volunteers.

"The amazing thing about camp is that it truly brings out the best in

everyone, and you don't feel like you have to change who you are."

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"Green trees around us, blue sky above, friends all around us in a world filled with love."

Under the Stars Inc.